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St. Louis Chiropractor : Dr. Tom Gargiula

St. Louis Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Gargiula

St. Louis Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Gargiula

What Motivated You to Become a Chiropractor?

“There was never a doubt in my mind that I would do anything else,” says Dr. Gargiula.

Looking back, he tells us about his lifetime of chiropractic care. Since his first adjustment at the tender age of 4 weeks, he’s been on a journey toward wellness that ultimately grew into a calling to care for others.

Dr. Gargiula’s parents, who were both teachers, began seeing a chiropractor before his birth. To them, the principles of chiropractic just made sense. So, after he was born and began to struggle with colic, they brought him to the chiropractor. After just a couple of adjustments the colic was cleared up, and his parents kept him under chiropractic care from then on out.

“Growing up, chiropractic was a huge part of my life. I love the natural healing that chiropractic harnesses,” says Dr. Gargiula. He attended Logan College of Chiropractic right here in St. Louis and is committed to sharing the hope of chiropractic with this city he loves so much.

A Family-Focused Chiropractor

Dr. Tom's kids

We love seeing children in our practice. We want to keep them healthy and active.

“I’m truly passionate about treating moms and their babies. I love children, and sharing chiropractic care with as many young families as I can would be the ultimate achievement for me,” says Dr. Gargiula.

At Windmill Chiropractic Wellness Center we see all types of patients, but our focus is on children and their families. Roughly 25% of our practice is young kids, but we would love to see that number grow to 50%.

Chiropractic Care Is OK for Babies and Pregnant Women

Absolutely. Certainly new parents want only the best for their newborn, and that instinct to care for them begins in the womb. So we tell expectant and new parents about the benefits and safety of chiropractic to the developing nervous system.

All things in our bodies are controlled through our nervous systems. Our tissues, our cells and organs, and even our immunity are controlled by our nervous systems. If any interference exists within our nervous systems, there will be negative results in our bodies.

Because our nerves originate in the brain stem, keeping that brain stem and the upper neck clear of interference is crucial to health. The birth process can be traumatic at times, and so removing interference induced by that trauma is critical to a newborn’s health and development.

Gentle and Effective

Adjusting children in general is a very gentle process. But adjusting a newborn uses even less force, and is gentler still. Imagine holding a single piece of paper between your pointer finger and your thumb. That’s about as much pressure as Dr. Gargiula will need to exert with the tip of his finger in order to adjust your newborn.

Expectant moms can be comfortably adjusted in alternative positions throughout pregnancy. And the best news is that moms who have been under chiropractic care typically have more comfort in the final weeks of pregnancy, and may experience shorter labors.

St. Louis Chiropractor Dr. Tom and his family

Dr. Tom and his family.

No Stranger to Kids, Family and Community

As a father of four, Dr. Gargiula tells us “Family is a big part of my life.” He grew up in New York, but has now been in practice for over 2 decades and he and his family have made St. Louis their home.

They are actively involved in their Church, and when asked about what else he likes to do with his personal time, Dr. Gargiula tells us, “When you have four kids, that pretty much becomes your hobby!”

Raising awareness about chiropractic in the community is important at Windmill Chiropractic Wellness Center. We conduct workshops and enjoy going out to speak and get involved with different groups in the community. We teach about wellness from a family perspective, with a chiropractic approach.

Call (314) 849-4120 and ask about our events and how you can learn more.