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New Patient Evaluation Offer, Only $95

How to Begin your Care:

Step #1
Watch Dr. G’s 10 Minute
“Health Mastery Video”:

  • This valuable and informative video covering the Basics of Chiropractic is included as part of your healing program.
  • Here you will learn:
    • Why most places you’ve been have NOT found a solution to your health concerns
    • How to REGAIN your health
    • A strategy that allows you and your whole family to stay healthy

You can also access this video by visiting our Facebook page (you can click the icon at the top of the page^^) Like Us! and share this simple, yet powerful message of healing chiropractic with your friends as well. It just may be the information needed to help change a life!

Step #2
Complete New Member Forms &
Schedule to Receive:

  • After watching the Health Mastery video, please
    click here to fill out and submit our Intake Forms for Care, prior to your consultation with our office. Your intake forms must be received at least 24 hours prior to any scheduled consultation time (aside from an emergency situation), so as to give us time to review your situation, and help us determine if we can be of service to you.
  • If after receiving and reviewing your application we believe we cannot be of service to you, we will call you to discuss other options which might better serve your needs, prior to scheduling a consultation.
  • Once the paperwork is complete and returned, we will schedule your consultation. This can be handled by you calling the office or someone from our staff will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your intake forms to reserve a special time for your consultation, examination and computerized nerve scans.
  • Our doctors and staff value your time, therefore we keep specific times – morning & afternoon – reserved for new members.

The New Member evaluation includes:

DAY 1 and DAY 2

  • A consultation and evaluation with the doctor to discuss your Health Goals
  • Computerized Spinal Nerve Scans to assess the health of your Brain Stem and overall Nervous System
  • Follow-up Report to review the Day 1 findings and discuss, if/how we can help you, and determine the best healing program for you.
  • An investment in your health all for only $95
  • You deserve to be healthy and have the best Quality of Life

Please contact our St. Louis office to schedule your First Visit AND Orientation
at Windmill Chiropractic Wellness Center today!

What We Believe:

  • You deserve to have the opportunity to come in and learn about the Four Principles that your health is based upon.
  • You deserve to know what is really going on with your health.
  • You deserve to understand if / how Upper Cervical Wellness Chiropractic can help you to improve your Quality of Life.

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