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What To Expect at Windmill Chiropractic

Before Your Visit

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, complete the new patient forms directly from our site. Completing the forms before your first visit allows you to take as much time as you need to answer questions.

Your First Visit

When you arrive, Erin will greet you warmly and help answer any last minute questions about your paperwork. She’ll escort you to the consultation room where you will meet with the doctor to discuss your health concerns, your understanding and hopes for chiropractic care and an initial spinal assessment will be conducted. Next you are off to the exam room, where Jennifer will conduct a computerized analysis of your nervous system.

Please set aside an hour for this first visit. Wear whatever is most comfortable.

Your Second Visit

Ideally the next day, you’ll come back to meet with Dr. Gargiula. He will have analyzed your spinal scan and exam results. At this visit you can expect to:

  • Hear a thorough report of Dr. Gargiula’s findings
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Learn Dr. Gargiula’s recommendations for your care
  • If your case is accepted, we will begin with your first adjustment.

Please set aside 45 minutes for this second visit. You should wear clothing you are comfortable lying down in.

Will My Insurance Cover This?

Perhaps. Many insurance plans have some coverage for chiropractic care. If yours is one of them, we’re happy to provide you with a detailed bill so you can submit your claims. Reimbursement will come to you as the policy holder.

As a cash practice, we ask that you pay for services in the office on your date of service, and any insurance reimbursement will come directly to you from your insurance carrier. We submit electronic claims weekly and they are typically processed without delay.

Still have questions? No problem! Call (314) 849-4120 and we’re happy to help.